Sunday, October 12, 2008

Christina's Lullaby - From Mommy

Christina's Lullaby

Sweet and warm comes the whisper of the wind through the trees at night.
Bending, stretching, twisting, the verdant leaves glisten in shadowy play, quietly reflecting the silvery moon above.

Beneath lay a cradle, rocking gently in the heavenly breeze, not a kiss of coolness to touch upon the satiny cheek of the sleeping babe within.
She is perfect in her slumber as I look upon her.

Soft little pink lips and long lashes draping artfully down against those precious cheeks of softest ivory.

A blanket of white lovingly tucked in around her while the softly curving fingers of one tiny hand lay above.

Back and forth the cradle endlessly moves, rocking the precious babe within while the music of the night drifts all around.

She is safe, secure, sleeping so soundly, so peacefully.

But oh how I long to reach out and take her from that beautiful place, to take her into my arms and hold her once more, to feel that precious little girl in my arms, to give her all the love I can.

But alas, my arms are not so long.

I can not reach her where she is.

I can not hold my precious daughter as I might like, but instead I must give her over into the angels' care, letting them tend her crib through the night, keeping her safe as is their right.

Rest well my beautiful daughter and sleep.

May your dreams be filled with wonder and joy and may you know nothing but love and laughter until we meet again.

Know always that my arms are reaching, know always that you are in my heart and I will ache with the emptiness that only your presence can fill.

I love you, my sweet daughter.

We will meet again.
Hush-a-bye and sleep, my precious angel
Sleep, sleep while your loving brother tends your keep.
Angels are at your beck and call
My precious daughter, they shall never let you fall.
Enfolded in the Lord's tender care are you
A world full of wonder and love are what He'll show you.
Hush-a-bye and sleep, my precious angel
Sleep, sleep while your big brother tends your keep.
Mother, Daddy and Hadleigh love you so very much
Even if we are not there to show you such.
Hush-a-bye and sleep, my precious angel
Sleep, sleep while your precious brother tends your keep.
Safe and secure I'll hold you in my heart
Always and forever of my world you'll be a part.

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caitsmom said...

Beautiful. Poignant. Loving. The image of reaching without success is powerful.